2019 Hangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents


In order to enhance the urban internationalization of Hangzhou and attract overseas high-level talents and teams to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship in Hangzhou, the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Hangzhou Municipal Government will hold Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2019 Hangzhou (hereinafter referred to as Competition).


I. Organizations

Hosts: The CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Hangzhou Municipal Government

Organizers: Organization Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee (Talent Office of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee), Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

Special SupportsShangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Jianggan District, Gongshu District, Xihu District,  Binjiang District, Xiaoshan District, Fuyang District, Hangzhou Qiantang New Area , Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City (Zhejiang Overseas High level Talents Innovation Park), Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City


II. Theme

The competition aims to build a platform of various resources such as innovation and entrepreneurship policies, talents, funds, industries, markets and so on to help projects register in Hangzhou. The competition also targets to improve the innovation atmosphere, stimulate innovation vitality, guide innovation investment and help Hangzhou take lead in China's digital economy.


III. Competition Time

May-November, 2019.

The application deadline is July 30, 2019.

Auditions will be held in September 2019. The semi-finals and the final will be held in Hangzhou during 2019 Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchanges and Cooperation Conference in November.


IV. Contestants

The contestants should have innovative & entrepreneurial experience and technologies or achievements with broad market prospect.

Those who have already started businesses in Hangzhou are not eligible for the competition.


V. Competition Requirements

1. The participants can participate as individuals or teams. Each team should be no more than 4 team members. Team members should guarantee stable cooperation for more than three years.

2. Each entrant can only apply with one project.

3. The products and services proposed in the projects could be inventions, technologies, or concept products, services that can be developed; The competing projects should be in high-tech industries or strategic emerging industries, and have technical merits; The core members of the participating team must have legal intellectual property rights or use rights (authorized) for their projects.

4. Each entrant should upload a complete, detailed business plan, including technologies, market prospects, business strategies, funding demands, team members, future plan and clear business model, etc.


VI. Registration Method

Please register online through website "Hangzhou Overseas Talents” (, fill in the registration form and upload the slides of the business plan and other supporting materials.


VII. Steps of Implementation

The competition will be launched in May 2019, and it will collect innovative & entrepreneurial projects around the world. After auditions, 80-100 overseas students' projects and 40-50 foreigners' will be selected for the semi-finals. The contestants selected will be invited to Hangzhou to participate in 2019 Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchanges and Cooperation Conference, the semi-finals and the final.


VIII. Competition Awards and Supportive Measures

1. Competition Awards

The startups entering the final of the competition will compete for one First Prize-RMB 200,000, four Second Prizes of RMB 100,000 and seven Third Prizes of RMB 50,000, and several Participation Prizes of RMB 20,000.

2. Venture Capital

Initiating Hangzhou's major venture capital institutions for projects financing connection.

3. Connection

The Organizing Committee will organize the units including all special support units, local venture capital agencies, well-known enterprises, various enterprise parks and so on to dock with the entrants.

4. Overseas Mentors

Experts who have great influence in venture capital field are invited to be overseas mentors. They will provide

entrepreneurial guidance, venture capital and industrial resources for the participating projects to help the projects start and develop rapidly.

5. Venture Funding

These startups register their business and start operation of the company in Hangzhou within one year after the competition will be rewarded:

The First Prize         RMB 5,000,000

The Second Prize    RMB 2,000,000

The Third Prize        RMB 1,000,000

Other Startups        RMB 200,000 to 1,000,000(base on the competition rankings in the Semi-final)

These startups which register in Hangzhou within 2 years after the competition could be re-evaluated after application. If the projects are confirmed to be advanced, they can be subsidized with the corresponding funding. Other startups register in Hangzhou can enjoy the various types of local policies without evaluation.

6. Preferential Policies

Projects register in Hangzhou can enjoy preferential policies such as park tax relief, rent subsidies, financing

guarantees, and discount loans.

Projects (enter the final) holders or core team members, as the head of the company, who are in line with the conditions for "521" Plan, can directly enter the interview (one person for one team only).

7. Tracking Services

After the winning projects are put into implementation in Hangzhou, the special project personnel contact system can be established. The project teams will be visited on a regular basis to monitor implementation. The various incentives and policies of the competition be carried out, and the application for funding for various projects and the relevant work items of other supporting policies of the winning teams would be ensured; the

entrepreneurial mentors will be provided for the project teams, and the customized entrepreneurship training courses offering entrepreneurship guidance will be made for the competition "makers" and activities such as job fairs and entrepreneurial activities and so on will be held.


IX. Notes

1. This competition does not charge any fees for the participants.

2. The participants shall not violate the rules of the competition. The submitted materials of the entrepreneurship project shall not be found with the illegal acts such as plagiarism, misappropriation, etc. Once found, their qualifications shall be canceled or the prize money shall be recovered. In case that the participating projects are involved in copyright disputes, the participants shall bear all the responsibilities on their own.

3. In the event that the competition cannot be normally held due to force majeure, the organizer shall have the right to make corresponding adjustments to the schedule or terminate the competition.

4. The competition registration project materials will be publicly released for all major enterprises and institutions in Hangzhou, various parks and scientific research institutions, so as to seek for the exchange connection. The semi-finals and the final will be held in the form of project road show, and the road show process will be released to the public.

5. The participants shall participate in this competition fully in the principle of voluntariness. If they have any objection with the competition, they can timely communicate with the Organizing Committee Office or choose to quit from the competition, but they are not entitled to requests the alteration of the competition rules or the compensation for any fees incurred from the competition.

6. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to further supplement the views and the power of final explanation of this competition. Matters not mentioned herein shall be separately notified.


Organizing Committee of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Competition for Overseas Talents Hangzhou

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