CUTIC - Taizhou

Taizhou is located on the northern side of the lower reach of the Yangtze River and in the middle of Jiangsu Province, with an area of 5793 square kilometers and a population of 5.04 million.

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    The sub-center was founded in 2009

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    Bring direct economic benefits

Close to river and sea, with flat land, Taizhou enjoys a faverable geo grophicol location. In the past 20 years, Taizhou economic growth has remained at the average speed of over 10%. It has being one of central cities inside the Yangtze River Delta for its developed industry, convenient traffic and prosperous commerce. 

Taizhou is a newly developed industrial city. The pillar industries have come into being. Motorcycles and automobiles industry and its spare parts producing,Machinery and electronic industry,Chemical and pharmaceutical industry have been the leaders of industrial economy. The industrial output value of the above covers 45% of the economy of the whole city. The automobile, motorcycle, machinery, domestic electrical appliance, chemistry,food have been the main products of the industrial economy, among which the production scale and the market-holding ratio of more than 50 kinds of products have been the leader of the similar products, and ranked the first in the same fields in china. 

Taizhou is rich in its products. It is an important national production base of marketable grain and cotton. Taixing gingko, sesame oil and Zhongzhuang liquor-saturated crabs are well known both at home and abroad.

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