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Jiangyin is a county-level city on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, and is administered by Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Jiangyin is one of the most important transport hubs on the Yangtze River, it is also one of the most developed counties in China.

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    The sub-center was founded in 2009

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    Bring direct economic benefits

Jiangyin is traditionally a farming land on the southern Jiangsu Plain and the agricultural income is the major portion of the city's revenue. Its agricultural produces primarily include rice, wheat, cotton, rapeseeds, etc. Now the agricultural earning only occupies 1-2% of the total GDP of the city.

The rapid economic expansion and industrialization over the past decades has turned the city to a wealthy municipality and the industrial income is becoming the prominence. The industrial sectors have gained enormous investments from national and international enterprisers and have brought the city the new economic capacity. The joint industrial development has emerged in Jiangyin's urban area, towns and rural communities and this coalition greatly increases the economic booming. Now Jiangyin is topped the list of China's Top 100 Counties (county-level cities) in 2007 and several other national rankings referring to economy, hygiene, ecology, and more.

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